Front Porch Sketches

I’ve been in Maine for a couple of months helping take care of our young granddaughter while our preemie twin grandsons are in the NICU. In these days of Covid quarantine and distancing,  there are few cars and many pedestrians in the neighborhood where I’m staying in a rental house. Since I’m babysitting weekdays, I’m not usually able to get into a painting frame of mind., but  I often start my day sipping tea on the porch and sketching people as they walk their dogs,  jog, meander by, or work in their yards. Here are a few of my front porch sketches.





4 Replies to “Front Porch Sketches”

  1. Nice sketches Melissa! Its a little hard to get them sometimes, especially when they’re walking fast. But you got the gestures nicely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’ve captured their motion and gestures so well for the brief moment they are passing by.