New Website: The Art of Prayer

I’ve just recently launched a new website, The Art of Prayer, where I will explore the intersection of my art and my relationship with God and will post my thoughts and experiences about prayer.

God made me an artist, and when I neglect my art, I neglect one of the primary ways God designed me to worship him and be in communion with him. I find that when I sketch, more than when I focus on a finished painting or drawing, I tend to unconsciously move into an awareness of God’s presence and into a sense of wonder. Sketching is, for me, a way of simply being with God. God made me an artist. I need to do my art in some way or another, or I feel as though my soul is drying up. Sketching is a way I do that without being concerned for how others will react to my art, and that frees me to be more fully in the moment and present with God.

Between 2006 and 2016 I wrote suggestions for daily prayer based on Scripture that were published in our church bulletin each week. I’ve decided to start rewriting and posting these prayer suggestions on The Art of Prayer site under Praying Scripture Daily. I invite you to join me in praying with Scripture and also in exploring ways to connect with God through art. I’d love to hear how others find that art enriches their relationship with God or draws them closer to him.

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