About Melissa

Nature fascinates me, and some aspect of it is the subject of most of my work, whether the medium is watercolor, pen & ink, charcoal, or pencil. I also love to do dog portraits, with my goal being to depict the devotion and trust the dog has for his or her person. Whatever the subject, I hope to help viewers see and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness that I see everywhere.

I love hiking in woods and mountains and try to capture my impressions and memories in my sketchbooks and my finished works. I also like the challenge of finding and capturing on paper beauty I find in unexpected places– parking lots, rest areas, from the window of a commuter train– or in creatures people often pass over– snakes, insects, and such.

Photo credit Alexis Thompson

I cherish God’s creation and want to honor Him by what I depict. One of the reasons I like drawing natural scenes or wildlife is that I see so many more details when I sit still to draw. Those details often fill me with awe, as I meditate on the beauty of God’s work, and it’s my hope that my artwork helps others see and appreciate that as well.


I can be contacted at melissafischerartist@gmail.com.