Richly Blessed and Very Thankful

Tracking in the rain with Milo, seeing Rowan curled up with one eye on me, sketching Chickadees as they perch inches from me, walking with my dogs cavorting around me, painting marigolds in the garden—these are some of my happy moments today.

My life is rich and full in a quiet way. It’s not that there isn’t anything I wish for, but I am content as I am and don’t need anything else to make me happy. I have work I love, people I love who love me, my dogs and cats in whom I delight, and the ability to enjoy it all. What better gifts to fill my life?

Reading with Bituminous on my lap, feeling Petra’s sweet nose nuzzling my arm, Silver batting my brushes off my table, Stephen reading to me, talking with my children— these are more happy elements of recent days. I am richly blessed and very thankful.