Last weekend I was in Colorado for a dog trainers’ seminar— a fabulous time of listening, watching, thinking, processing and networking. I can already see differences in how I handle client dogs and what kind of response I get from them. An excellent seminar!

Here are some of my “notes” from the demos:

Being in a group of people, no matter how nice they are and how fun the time, always wears me out, and painting is a wonderful stress reducer for me. In the evenings and after the seminar was over I spent time painting, sometimes in my room and sometimes outside looking at the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in the distance. I love the colors of Colorado and am eager to go back and spend more time absorbing the beauty and painting it as best I can to bring home memories in my sketchbook.

2 Replies to “Colorado!”

  1. Lovely landscape sketches Melissa, and I love those pencil sketches of your dogs…. wonderful references to have!!!! Are you going to develop any of those dogs?