Happy 13th Birthday, Rowan!

It’s hard to believe that Rowan is thirteen years old. It feels like he’s always been with me, so it seems as though he should be much older than thirteen. Some days he seems older than thirteen, when he isn’t really on the ball, but then other days he is more his old self (and thankfully there have been many more of the latter recently). This spring we’ve been spending hours outside just enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and scents on the breezes. Rowan loves to lie in the grass watching whatever I’m doing.


Recently when I was gardening he decided to help…Flowerpots have always been some of his favorite toys.

And occasionally he’ll still play tag with me…

Waiting to play tag around the hay rake- our favorite game
Ready, Set… Go! (I only caught his feet and chin in the photo since he leaped just as I took the picture)
Ready or not, here I come!
I can still catch you, Mom!

And then we sit on the deck watching the world, Rowan with an ear always cocked in my direction.

Watching the world; listening for Mom

I know all the time I have with my Rowan is a gift, and I cherish each day with him. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy, and I hope you have many more years to share with me.