Happy Birthday, Petra!

It doesn’t seem possible, but my sweet Petra is eleven today. She doesn’t act her age, but she has settled down a little. I haven’t seen her leaping up trees recently, and she hasn’t soared off any cliffs as she once did with her friend Lucy (really a rock outcropping about six feet high, but it seemed like a cliff when the two dogs were midair and we were watching them fly from over our heads) , but she is still always up for action, always ready to charge across the yard, always eager for a walk or hike. She also loves to snuggle on my lap while I have my first cup of tea in the morning, and she sings her happy songs to Stephen every day. I’ve never had a dog who sings quite so eloquently as Petra does, and we enjoy her whole variety of songs that express emotions from sad to contented to overcome with joy.

Happy Birthday, Petra Sweetie! I love the combination of energy, joy, and love you add to our home, and I am thankful for you every day.

Here are a few pictures I took today of my happy birthday girl.

Petra, Come! 🙂
Milo, Petra, and Rowan