Happy Birthday, Petra!

We started out the day as we do most days, with Petra snuggling on my lap while I read and had my morning tea. Then the games began; Petra has her friends Roark and Tallulah visiting for her birthday, so today is full of Aussie fun.

Rowan, Roark, Tallulah, Petra (back to front)

Petra does everything fast, so birthday fun for her means running (almost too fast to be seen)…
(If you click the photos, you can see them bigger.)

and playing chase…

and leaping in the air…

That was a fun party with friends!

Tallulah, Petra, Roark, Rowan

Happy Birthday, Petra Sweetie! You bring me joy and love every day, and I adore you.

One Reply to “Happy Birthday, Petra!”

  1. WOW!!!!! Such a FUN dog day! I LOVE days like this! Watching good dogs play is so way better than TV! Almost better than anything in my book! Looks like you gave your Petra the best day ever! Lucky dog, lucky you!