Alaska: June 11

Last full day in Alaska (for now). It was misty and drizzly this morning– perfect for me, since my face is rather sunburned and I’d prefer to stay out of the sun today. We hiked down to Horseshoe Lake- a short, easy hike– this morning and again this evening. The whole time we’ve been in Alaska I’ve been hoping to see one of the other chickadee species than the Black-capped Chickadees we have at home. This morning at Horseshoe Lake we saw a pair of Boreal Chickadees and I was hoping to see them again this evening. They were hiding when we went back, but the reflections on the lake were worth the trip back. I had also been trying to find a Swainson’s Thrush since our first morning here at Denali, and we saw one posing beautifully for us right at the trailhead of the Horseshoe Lake trail.

This time in Alaska has been a dream come true, and I suspect that after we’re home, it will be hard to imagine that it was more than a dream. I have loved the cool temperatures, the rain and mist, the sunshine on the mountains, the snow- especially on the mountains, the friendliness of all the people, the spruce fragrance of the taiga forests, the gray color of the glacial streams, the variety of birds, the hiking, and so much more. Most of all, the time together with Stephen in these beautiful places has been wonderful; I am so thankful we have been able to do this!

Gray Jay

Swainson’s Thrush
Spotted Sandpiper
Beaver dam
Arctic Ground Squirrel
Misty rock formation
Taiga forest- like a fairy land

 New birds today: Swainson’s Thrush, Boreal Chickadee

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