New Lebanon, NY

Last week I spent two peaceful days visiting a friend at her country home in New Lebanon. We sat on the deck eating Cheddar cheese and apple slices, while I painted this scene of the distant mountains.

When I went to bed I heard the loudest pack of coyotes I’ve ever heard. I have no idea how many there were, but they must have been in the trees right across the driveway from my window. I love hearing coyotes, and I drifted off to sleep enjoying them and the other sounds of the night.

We started the next day soaking in a bubbling hot tub by the deck and watching the morning sun bring the hills and trees to life. The air was crystal clear and nippy, especially when we got out of the water. A great way to wake up and loosen up! We spent the day hiking, reading, and eating, then I headed home as the evening light slanted beautifully across the yard, casting an orange glow over grass and trees, as well as over the mountains. A restful two day interlude from the challenging time the past month has been.