Plein Air Painting at Boscobel

It was frosty this morning, but I bundled up in several layers, including my winter jacket, and Rowan and I joined other artists on a plein air paintout at Boscobel on the Hudson River. We set up across from West Point– bluish mountains in the downriver distance, hills a bit closer, then extensive marsh lands just turning bluish-green spread out below us.

Red-wing Blackbirds darted over the reeds, flashing red and yellow epaulets as they described their territory in song. A Baltimore Oriole entertained us with glimpses of brilliant orange along with rich, liquid notes from surrounding treetops. Sparrows flitted among the shrubs on the slope in front of us, and I heard a warbler of some sort singing unseen.

Rowan lay contentedly, alternately watching me and turning to enjoy the view, especially when trains went by on the distant tracks. My dog at my feet and time to paint– a perfect day.

4 Replies to “Plein Air Painting at Boscobel”

  1. I thought of you the other day as I drove past a plein air paintout sign pointing to a field on 22 North! 🙂