Painting with My Mother and Sister

On Saturday my mother, Patricia Thompson, and my sister, Jennifer Thompson, came to visit for the day. We had lunch, then watched a Tony Van Hasselt DVD (“Watercolor Fun in Nature’s Studio”), then we spent the rest of the day painting. Even though the DVD was about painting outside, we elected to paint inside my warm studio, because it was 33 degrees and snowing. We had a wonderful and inspiring day together! I am so thankful for our shared interest in art and the good time we can have together.

We painted from a photo I had taken of a carriage house in Millbrook, NY. I’ve driven by this stone building with a tile roof many times and every time have thought that it looks like a painting waiting to happen.

Jennifer painting
My mother painting

left to right, my mother’s, mine, Jennifer’s

My painting wasn’t finished yet, and I believe Jennifer has also added to hers since this photo was taken.

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