Scattered Sketches

I usually have several paintings going at one time (just as I’m reading several books at a time), and I switch back and forth to whatever I feel inclined to paint. Here are a variety of sketches I’ve done recently.

Some quick, simple sketches of African mammals, using a friend’s photos.

A neighbor called to say she’d had an owl spending the days in her trees, so I went over a couple of times to photograph him. It was too cold to stay outside to sketch him, but I’m hoping to get back and do that if he’s still there. Here are a variety of sketches done to get a feel for the owl and just for fun.

While waiting to meet a friend at the Walkway Over the Hudson, I started a quick tree sketch in the parking lot, then finished it after our walk. I love the shapes and details of winter trees and would like to do a series of paintings or ink drawings of them. The sun shining on this tree especially caught my eye.

4 Replies to “Scattered Sketches”

  1. Happy to finally see your owls Melissa. My mum is a huge fan of owls and am dying to paint some too now that I've had plenty inspiration lately, and a good reason to do one now!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun painting them……
    Like Maree, I love your Oryx and Cheetah too. Keep them up!

  2. Thank you for your encouraging comments, Terri, Maree, and Debbie!

    I'm eager to paint more owls, but today I've been working on Wild Dogs and a Bearded Collie.