Some Recent Bird Paintings

Birds are one of my favorite subjects to paint. So delicate, so alert, and so varied, they capture my attention all the time. I love to watch them, listen to them, and paint them.
I painted this Chickadee from a photo I took at my feeder. The mosquito is adapted from a photo I snapped of a Crane Fly on my mirror.
This Great Blue Heron was inspired by a photo Carolo Hickey took of a Heron taking off from a pond. I was enjoying the feeling of anticipation and hope that I feel early in the morning, so decided to try and paint what I was feeling. A local poet is considering using this painting on the cover of her new book!Arielle photographed this Raven in Bryce Canyon National Park. I was experimenting with color here, not trying to get an exact representation of the bird but rather a sense of strength and pride.

This is another visitor to my feeder. This perky little fellow is looking up at me with a seed in his mouth, as if to say, “Thank you!” Chickadees are my favorite birds, and I’ve even had them hop on my hand to eat seeds I’m holding.