Some Recent Paintings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much art work. I slipped into a bit of a painting slump after Steve’s father died in January, and I’m only just getting back into the groove. It’s not that I didn’t paint all winter– I did, but most of what I painted just didn’t turn out. It’s interesting to see how much one’s emotional state impacts artistic expression. I’ve always known it does, but it’s hard when one is stuck in the midst of it. I was feeling somewhat aimless and generally sad, and my paintings seemed to be without focus or feeling of life. I have also found it hard to write, I suspect for similar reasons. Doing a couple of pen & ink drawings was helpful in getting me jump started painting again; getting lost in the small details pulled me into a different place and restored my confidence and enthusiasm.

Here are the pen & ink drawings I did.

And a couple of paintings I did of Milo. He always makes me laugh with his antics, and his wagging tail cheers me no matter how down I might feel, so painting him often lifts my spirits.

These Chickadee are two of my beloved little friends who eat from my hand

And this is Jade, the Mallard Drake who visits our stream with Agate, his pretty mate, every spring. I did this from a photo Jonathan took many years ago, so our springtime visitor this year may be a son or grandson of Jade, but the Mallards visit without fail for a few days every spring, then go elsewhere to nest.

I seem to be back into a painting mode and am eager to pick up my brushes and play with color again. This afternoon I will be painting with a friend in her garden full of beautiful flowers, so perhaps I’ll be posting flower paintings soon.