Stonehenge Revisited

One year ago today I visited Stonehenge, a place that had always intrigued me and that I had long wanted to see. I love the mystery surrounding ancient construction and like to learn about and ponder the possible theories behind such edifices. Mostly, though, I like the feeling of walking with some sense of awe where people so long ago also walked with awe.

I also have always liked stones and rocks and like to look at them, feel their textures, learn about them, and paint them. I’ve always enjoyed some aspects of rocks, but because of Jonathan’s fascination with rock collecting, I’ve learned more about them and my appreciation has grown.

When I was a child I would hide behind and under boulders, especially on a jumbled boulder field in Butler Sanctuary where I often climbed. The solidity and immensity of boulders always makes me stop and look in admiration, observing the surface, the colors, the edges, but mostly the immovability. I can’t not look at rock cuts, stone outcroppings and pebble fields.

So, visiting Stonehenge was special for many reasons, and I enjoyed just walking and gazing. I could have stayed for hours and hope to go there again someday and perhaps spend more time absorbing the feeling of antiquity and unrefined beauty.

I painted this today as I remembered my time there, and I’m painting another one with different lighting that I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Stonehenge Revisited”

  1. I like this one Melissa… Love the loose sky and composition you have done. Hopefully one day we'll all be able to understand the mystique that lies behind why they were actually erected there in the first place.