Cabin fever painting

It’s been a hazy, hot, humid summer– not my favorite weather! I’ve actually been feeling like I have cabin fever– normally more a winter than summer condition, but I was outside much more last winter, even with the bitter cold temperatures we had, than I have this summer. We’ve also had very few days without rain, usually in the form of torrential downpours, since early July, so it’s been difficult to plan hikes or plein air painting outings, so I’ve been doing more studio paintings, studies, and experiments from photos and then quick sketches when I do get outside (sketches will be in another post).

Asheville View
“Asheville Vista” This is based on a photo I took from the deck of the Wayward Moose Lodge in Asheville, NC 9″ x 12″ Watercolor $150
Sunrise from Blueberry Hill
“Sunrise from Blueberry Hill” When I was at Acadia National Park on Schoodic Peninsula, I walked down to watch the sunrise over the water nearly every morning.This is based on one of my sunrise photos. 9″ x 12″Watercolor $150
“Lake Walton”– Gouache on toned paper study 9″ x 6″