Overlook Mountain Hike

We finally had a comfortable, cool, cloudy day– perfect for a vigorous hike. We’ve been staying at a friend’s house in Woodstock this week while our hallway floor was getting sanded (it was covered linoleum with tar paper underneath that had probably been there well over 100 years, maybe over 200 years, so it was due for refinishing), and we’re not far from Overlook Mountain, so that’s where we hiked today.

The ruins of the old hotel make me think of Cair Paravel in the book Prince Caspian


Woodland sunflowers? Whatever they are, they are beautiful!
One of several large glacial erratics
I always love gnarly, old trees; they are so full of personality.

It was too foggy for a view from the top of Overlook,  but it was pretty up there anyway. We also hiked down to Echo Lake and back,  which was pretty with the lake view, as well as many interesting,  gnarly trees and glacial erratics along the trail.

Normally there is a fabulous view to be seen from this spot– not today!

Ramble on the fire tower at the top of Overlook Mountain– we only went up to the first level- I think he’s laughing at me 🙂

All together with going up to Overlook then down to Echo Lake and back up to the trail junction,  then back down Overlook,  plus a little detour to get some photos, it was 9 miles and 2,500′ elevation gain,  so we are feeling well- exercised this evening. This was Ramble’s first mountain hike,  and he enjoyed it and did great. And this evening he is content to hang out quietly,  which is nice for everyone.

Stephen using his “Peak Finder” app to identify the peaks we would be seeing if it were clear
Sketching at Echo Lake, while Ramble watches a pair of Canada Geese
Echo Lake and unfinished sketch — unfinished because mosquitoes drove us away