Warblers, Mink, and More

The wildlife have been more abundant or, at least, more apparent than usual around our home this past week. We’re in the midst of spring bird migration, which has new species arriving daily from points south. It’s hard to concentrate on much else, and Stephen and I have both been prowling around our yard, woods, and swampy area, binoculars in hand, watching and listening for warblers and other birds.

I’ve been filling sketchbook pages with daily lists of our sightings, which include our regular year-round birds, as well as the new arrivals who will stay for the summer, and those that are just passing through on their way farther north. Some of my sketches are from memory, some I do while observing the birds, and some are from photos (warblers don’t sit still long enough for much sketching).

Last Thursday I was walking in the yard, enjoying the sunshine and warmth, both relatively rare this spring until that point, when I saw a mink scampering along the side of the stream, a mouse dangling from his mouth! The last time I saw a mink here was twenty-six years ago when one ran across the driveway in front of my car (I was so excited I drove right off the driveway!). I love knowing that there is a rarely seen but nonetheless fully present parallel world of wildlife that knows our land as their home.

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