Fireworks, Fireflies, and Crickets

Last night all eighteen of us crowded on the upper deck of the beach house and ooohed and ahhhed as we watched the town of Corolla’s spectacular fireworks display. They were some of the more impressive fireworks I’ve seen, with linking rings, Saturn-like circles with rings around them, gorgeous showers of gold sparks, and many multi-color displays.

Rowan loved being out on the deck with us. He sat on top of the picnic table and looked around happily. He only occasionally looked at the brilliant lights in the sky, but he got very excited when the next-door neighbors shot off a long string of ground sparkler-type fireworks that made a tremendous amount of noise. At that point he jumped off the table and ran over where he could watch them better, only coming back to the table when the neighbors were done.

After the fabulously loud and colorful finale, we clapped and cheered and Rowan barked joyfully, then we all crowded through the doors and played a rowdy game of Catch Phrase.


We’re home now, and I need some time alone outside to unwind after our long day on the road.

As I sit and look around, I see fireflies twinkling in every direction. No loud noises, no bright colors, no fancy shapes. Just hundreds of tiny lights shining briefly but brightly, turning on and off with seemingly random timing.

Sitting silently watching, one hand resting on Rowan as he lies beside me, I listen to the unobtrusive and sweet chirping of crickets in the woods behind me. It’s early in the season and there aren’t many crickets yet, but the few singing tonight work peace in my heart.

I breathe deeply and feel my body relax and my mind quiet.

I’ll take fireflies and crickets any night…

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  1. Been reading through as you’ve been messing with the header. Looks good now!

    I’m so impressed with how much looser you’ve become in your landscapes. It was so good to see them IRL today.

    Sounds like you had the perfect vacation. I’m green with envy, but happy for you. 🙂 Maybe we can paint together soon.