More Dogs

Dog on my easel
coming to life with color
I’m eager to see your face

I’m still painting dogs. I just love trying to capture on paper the feeling of connection in the expression of a devoted dog looking at his or her person. I also like to play with colors or sometimes with just one color to capture the feeling of a dog, whether looking at his person or sleeping contentedly.

Sleeping Beardie

Shaggy Dog– this is my second painting of this Shaggy Boy. I enjoy trying to get the feeling of the bright sunshine on his fur.

Here’s the start of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don’t usually start with the eye, but on this one I did. Often the eye is the last part that I paint. On this pup, though, his eye is really the focal point, so I decided to start with that.

5 Replies to “More Dogs”

  1. Beautiful work Melissa! Your Shaggy Dog is very, very good. And your sleeping Beardie is precious, you have caught his character well here!

    Go Girl!

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