Musings on Mindfulness

I opened the door to let Rowan out then, as I was closing the door, I turned to head back to my desk. Out of the corner of my eye I saw stars twinkling in an inky black sky. That’s a sight I can’t resist, so I stepped outside… and heard an owl hooting from the trees at the base of our hill. That’s a sound I can’t resist, so I shut the door behind me and stood in the crisp night air, enjoying the peace and richness of the moment.

I almost missed that wonderful sight and sound because of my rush to get back to my desk work. It was good work I was doing, but it was better to take a minute to stop, observe, see, and hear what I miss more often than not, and best to use that as a reminder to be mindful for the rest of the evening.

I’ve been musing on living in a mindful manner and one key element, for me at least, is to slow down and fully live each moment, each opportunity. I’m sure it’ll be a long time, if ever, before I fully live every moment, but I hope to become more aware and slow down my rushed thoughts that try to carry me into a new activity before I’m even finished the previous one. I think that is what has to happen in order for my movements, thoughts, and words to become more conscious and imbued with grace. And that, in turn, should help me tread more lightly through life, so that I can observe without overwhelming and interact without interfering.

2 Replies to “Musings on Mindfulness”

  1. Slowing down is something I really struggle with, Melissa. This is a good reminder of what we may miss when we rush.