My Lawn is Not a Proper lawn

No chemical carpet here, but a tousled medley of grasses, wildflowers, and color. My sister echoed my thoughts, when she said it looks like a fairytale. Wandering through the grass and flowers barefoot inspired me to write this:

My lawn is not a proper lawn
It has more other plants than grass.
Some people call them weeds, I know
But here I welcome them as friends.

Dandelions, Buttercups, Speedwell, Violets
dot the earth and add bright color.
Clover grows rich and dark,
 feels cool and soft beneath my toes.

Ground Ivy spreads her purple robe
under trees, throughout the shade;
Blackseed Plantain and other “weeds”
Are lush and green through summer’s heat.

My lawn has life and shape and color
Always changing, ever bright.
I like it just the way it is
And never want a proper lawn.

2 Replies to “My Lawn is Not a Proper lawn”

  1. I've just found your blog from Jane Minters sketchbook. I loved reading your verse 'My lawn is not a proper lawn' it's so much my thoughts, so many pretty plants growing together, it's just like my lawn ! just now it's full of wild violets & wild primroses.Soon 'Mr France' will be getting out the lawn mower, and it will all be gone.I try to stop him from mowing for as long as possible. I Love the photos of your dogs and your sketches. I'm just going to sign up to follow your blog. I'll be back soon to read some more about you.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, Barbara, and welcome to my blog! I just looked at your blog, too, and you have such a peaceful way of writing and beautiful photos. It's amazing that your lawn is already full of wild violets and primroses. I would love to see photos. My lawn is currently covered with a foot of snow and we're supposed to get another 8-12 inches in a few days!