Painting the bond

I’ve been home for over a month now recovering from bronchitis (almost better now), and my dogs have been my constant companions, rarely leaving my side, following me from room to room, warming my lap, making me smile and laugh.

Milo dances gleefully, wags his tail wildly, and bobs his head with unmitigated joy. Petra slips up silently to gently rest her muzzle on my leg, then gazes up with such loving eyes she instantly melts me and any concerns on my mind. Rowan’s been watching me, clearly concerned that I haven’t been my normal healthy self, and I often look up to see him staring at me from across the room. I do wonder what’s going through his mind; he often seems more human than dog.

While I’ve been enjoying my dogs so much, I’ve been painting dogs, both mine and others. In each painting I try to capture something of the essence of the bond that dog has with someone. The person might not be in the painting, but hopefully they are inferred by the look in the dog’s eyes, by the happy doggy smile, or by the intense focus as the dog is obviously giving his or her attention to someone. Our dogs are in so many ways an integral part of our lives, and we are also an integral part of their lives. Each of us needs the other in the unique and special connection we have.

3 Replies to “Painting the bond”

  1. Incredible Melissa.
    We miss you and hope you have a wonderful time with all your family. Would love to see pictures of you guys enjoying the holiday together in your warm and wonderful home. Please give them all a hug from us.
    Merry Christmas!