Rowan– My Gentle Boy

As I mentioned in my last post, Rowan often seems more human than dog. His gaze is both intense and soft at the same time and holds much wisdom.

Rowan knows me so well and can always seem to tell when something is amiss with me. He alerts me to when my blood sugar drops before I realize it; he’ll sit nearby and snort at me to get my attention. If that doesn’t work he’ll bark at me until I respond.

I’m not always sure what Rowan is trying to tell me, but I ask him questions and he “answers” me in a way he’s figured out to communicate with me. First I usually ask if he wants to go out. If yes, he perks up his ears and trots to the door. If no, he turns his head aside or crouches low. Then I ask if Petra wants to go out, since he’ll often let me know (since she doesn’t usually let me know and just crosses her legs). If yes, he perks his ears up and take a few steps toward the door, then stops when she runs past him. If no, he’ll avert his head.

Next I ask if he needs water. If yes, he perks up his ears and trots to the dish. If no, he averts his head. Then I ask if I need to eat. If yes, he trots to the kitchen and lies down as soon as I start to get myself some food. He is such an awesome dog!

If I’m asleep when my blood sugar drops, he’ll jump up and paw and sniff me to wake me up (normally I can’t get him to jump up to put his paws on the bed). Sometimes I’m so sleepy I ignore him; at those times he gives me a minute, then comes back more strongly, insisting I get up. As soon as I get up and head for food, he curls up and goes back to sleep. Such a fabulous dog!

Even more than all of that, though, what I love about Rowan is how connected we are. He loves to be with me; I love to be with him. He doesn’t ask for a lot of attention and he almost never pushes for affection when the other dogs are around, but I know I’m always in his awareness. All I have to do is quietly say, “Rowan, I need you,” and he comes running. I love this dog so much!

4 Replies to “Rowan– My Gentle Boy”

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post Melissa. I can sense everything you say about him in the eyes of his portrait. Simply amazing.

    I hope you will be back to feeling well very soon.

  2. Through tears I write this. You have such a special bond with him and you can see his soul in eyes. Without every meeting him, I know him. I can feel the bond between the both of you. It is an experience and level of love that does not come around often. I've loved all my animals but as you know, the bond and love I had with Cody was unlike any other and you don't even realize the full extent until they are gone. This was a beautiful and extremely touching post.

  3. Melissa you know how much I love your dog paintings but to me this is the best. I can see the love you have for him. Just Beautiful

    Happy New Year

  4. The love you have with this dog shows through your painting Melissa. Those eyes are just amazing, you have have captured not only Rowan but his sole here too.